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It's me,Vera

I am so honored that You have popped in to check out our this little beauty corner. Welcome!

 I assume you would be interested to know about myself and Why Wedding hair and makeup after all? 

Well, my story as a licensed cosmetologist began over 20 years ago.. Oh my... has it been that long ago?! But, calendars don't lie. In a far 1998, in a small cozy town in Eastern Europe, I began my journey as a hairstylist. Who would have known that only a few years later I would be moving into a new far away country that I am going to call my second beautiful home -US?

Vera Koval Bridal

My first job as a hairstylist landed me in the Old Town of Petersburg which was located in Virginia. That place was where I embraced my passion not only for haircuts and colors but for the creative process behind special occasion hair. 

Later came further education with some of the finest educators in the European school of the wedding beauty industry, then years of working behind the chair, then moving to NY and starting a new chapter in my life as a bridal educator and the owner of Fabrini Bridal where I am able to carry on my dream of making every Bride that is in my chair transform into the happiest and glamorous gal!   

My extensive journey in the beauty industry has led me to form the following statement: here at Vera Koval Bridal, we believe that each one of us deserves that magical moment of transformation, especially on Your Special day, and that is when our creativity, passion for our work and experience come in. Our goal at Vera Koval Bridal is for Your hair and make-up wishes to come true! Our aspiration is to see ladies in our chairs begin to bloom with confidence and desire to share their beauty with their loved ones.

I came to realizing going through life's ups and downs that the most rewarding thing in my profession is when someone trusts me to take a part of one of the Biggest day's in their life. I take it with honor, care and gratitude. That is my aspiration.


West Babylon, New York


(571) 235-1412



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